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Chris Gadd - World Wide Airbrush Artist - Est 1988

corporate airbrush artistAirbrushing is a specialised painting technique involving a miniature spray gun, and a skilled airbrush artist, this combination allows incredibly dynamic artwork to be applied to virtually any internal or external surface, and to any scale.

The Ability of the airbrush artist is always the main concern for any client, experience talent and confidence are essential , along with the ability to develop an idea and complete work within time frames.

Chris is one those rare talents that is highly motivated, vastly experienced and totally professional in any artwork project he's involved with, there seems to be no limit to the scale and diversity of his airbrush work.

Developing a clients original idea, is often the most challenging part of any project especially on larger pieces such as corporate murals or theme park backdrops, client feedback is essential and is the basis to the finished airbrushed work. Chris, an experienced airbrush artist, will spend time discussing a clients ideas then develop them into a final proposal often improving greatly on the original concept.

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Careful planning and good preparation, are essential to the production of a lasting effective airbrushed image, the project itself will dictate the method of preparation and the type of equipment to be used in applying the airbrushed artwork.

Chris uses a variety of airbrush and spraying equipment, for larger projects such as corporate airbrush art commissions, he favours the Devilbiss range of gravity fed and suction airbrush guns, mainly for there reliability ,superb balance and fan scope, on high detail work such as vehicle customising, guitars etc., he uses the robust badger range of airbrushes, complemented by a very slick Panache airbrush for those finishing touches.

Airbrushing has given Chris the opportunity to travel worldwide, places such as Saudi Arabia, Bejing, Shanghai, Moscow and Kvasnador Russia, Bankok, Korea and more recently Honk Kong and Qatar.

His experience and proffesional approach, have earned hiim and his team, an international reputation, for reliability and first class work.

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Airbrush Artwork Portfolio

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