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corporate airbrush artistDemo petrol tank picked from the scrap heap and airbrushed :

This was an old motorbike tank, not even sure of the manufacturers, I pulled it off a scrap heap and went to work.

A lot of preparation was needed to get it ready for airbrushing, hours of filling and rubbing down. Completed and ready for priming I decided to do artwork based on Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

I started with the background fade from hot molten lava effect into a marroon and blue surrounding. This gives a burnt hot appearance.

The lettering and rings were next to be airbrushed using masking film to give the hard edges and applying shadows to lift the ring. Next Gandalf was airbrushed freehand, his hair straying into the lightning to add a touch of magic along with the soft highlights

On completion many layers of lacer were applied so that the masking lines eventually disappeared..

Airbrush Artwork Portfolio

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Airbrush Artwork Portfolio

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