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Belsons Tunnel of Fear - Airbrushed 2002
Now in Sydney, Australia

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"Reported in the Worlds Fair. It even has a web site dedicated to it"


corporate airbrush artistTunnels of Fear 11m x 26m :

The project went very smoothly in the initial stages, the clients had done their research and had a good idea of what they wanted. I filtered through the ideas, adding components and suggesting ways of making improvements, a final design was agreed upon and preparations got under way.

The size of this project created many problems, it was decided therefore to airbrush it in several stages, the first in my workshop. this involved airbrushing the cars, top sign and two long side panels which had to be airbrushed sideways as they were to tall to set up in the upright position!!

These components were then transported to a larger workshop for assembly onto the main artwork panel, even then we were unable to find a suitable unit with the necessary height to set the project up in one piece. Many hours were spent planning ways to overcome the snags caused by this problem The solution was to complete airbrush work on one level, then raising or lowering the unit as necessary to complete the image on an adjoining panel

Eventually all the airbrushing was completed and the artworked panels were all coated with high gloss two pack laquer. The project was completed in 8 weeks, 3 in my workshop and 5 on site. The unit now travels around the UK and has received good reports in the Worlds Fair, it even has a web site dedicated to it.

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