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Galway - Ireland - Jan/Feb 2007

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Monaco Rave Track Area and VIP Lounge


Contracted to : Amusement Services International Dubai.

Monaca Race Track Area and V.I.P. Lounge, painted using Rosco Supersaturated scenic paint.

This was the single biggest area projects I've done. We spent most of tour time working from scissor lifts, avoiding electricians,

carpenters and other tradesmen, a typical site situation. Despite all the overlapping trades, everyone got on and the area plus VIP room where completed sort of on tiime.

Thanks to the help from Jon and Alan from select contracts, John, Craig and Benson the A Team, and cheers to the spellbound crew a very talented team of sculptors and artists, that produced the Amazon rainforest area, shown in some of the image of this section.

Airbrush Artwork Portfolio

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Below are some snaps of the work in progress and completed project
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Airbrush Artwork Portfolio

Galway Race Track Theming

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