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Wave Swinger Fairground Ride - Shanghai/Hong Kong

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"An extremely tight schedule, but an interesting project that has brought much acclaim within the business."


corporate airbrush artistThe Phone call :

Can you airbrush a machine consisting of 54 separate artwork panels, 16 centre panels, all lighting trunking and a pay box in Shanghai and Honk Kong and fly out with all your gear in 3 weeks time?

Now that's the sort of challenge I like, YES was my reply, then down to some serious planning, calls to rearrange other work, book in J.Newns as assistant artist, ordering materials arranging Visas and flights. It all came together with the help of Annette at "World Carnival"

Our arrival in Shanghai was met with the news that Chinese Customs were dragging their feet releasing the materials we had brought with us. A problem to be encountered many times whilst working in Asia.

The first week was spent building an on site workshop and preparing the panels for artwork. week 2 and the gear arrives and airbrushing commences. We start on the top panels, images based on extreme sports, music and off the wall characters. Then the centre panels all based on PEPSI the sponsor and Frank Sinatra on the request of the client.

The top two rows were completed in Shanghai, the rest on site in Hong Kong, completing the day before opening. An extremely tight schedule, but an interesting project that has bought much acclaim within the business.

Airbrush Artwork Portfolio

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Airbrush Artwork Portfolio

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Wave Swinger Fairground Ride

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